Jaime Schmidt is an entrepreneurial investor and icon of the Maker Movement.

As founder of industry-disruptor Schmidt's Naturals, Jaime led a movement of modern brands bringing naturals to the mainstream. Known for leveraging consumer engagement to drive product development and cultivate brand loyalists, Schmidt scaled demand for her innovative, handmade products into an empire. In 2017, Schmidt’s was acquired by Unilever, the world’s largest CPG company.

In addition to her continued support of Schmidt’s global expansion as the brand’s Founder and spokesperson, Jaime is now focusing her efforts on enabling entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of artisanship and self-fulfillment, empowering the next generation of consumer brands through thought leadership platforms and by purposefully investing in emerging, diverse founders. 

Select projects.

Schmidt’s Naturals.

Best-known for Jaime’s namesake deodorant formulas, Schmidt’s Naturals also expanded to categories such as toothpaste, soap, and body wash under Jaime’s leadership, and partnered with organizations like the Jane Goodall Institute, Clean the World, PETA, and the Surfrider Foundation.

Available globally in over 30 countries, Jaime sold Schmidt’s Naturals to Unilever in December 2017, and today supports the brand as Founder and spokesperson.

Color Invests.

In 2018, Jaime and her husband Chris Cantino founded Color, a contemporary private equity investment firm supporting diverse and inspired founders.

Color addresses the need to invest in more equitable funding systems, and specializes in CPG marketing, brand positioning, and growth strategy.

Here’s a great article about Color.


What’s next?

Having grown Schmidt’s Naturals from the humble roots of farmer’s markets and co-ops into retailers like Target and Costco, Jaime is working on thought leadership platforms that will help enable similar success stories and level the playing field for underrepresented entrepreneurs

Expect big announcements this spring.